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About Edna

My personal healing journey started in my early twenties.  It marked the beginning of looking at how experiences in my family, school, and culture influenced the way that I felt and what I thought and believed about myself, my relationships, and what was possible for me to achieve.  I began to see how my career aspirations, personal relationships and my life in general reflected both the strengths and struggles I had experienced growing up.

I hold an undergraduate degree in Economics and worked for many years in the corporate world in the technology field.  I decided to make a career shift in order to pursue work that felt more in alignment with who I am and how I wanted to experience life. 

I attended John F. Kennedy University's School of Holistic Studies graduate program and received my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics (a body/spirit oriented approach to healing).  I have worked in agencies with individuals from diverse socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds who experienced difficulty in relationships, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress and depression. Many had experienced childhood abuse (emotional, physical, sexual), domestic violence, and rape. I also worked in a college setting, providing support for men and women coping with academic, work-related and personal stress.

In private practice for over ten years, I enjoy working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and the LGBTQI community.  I specialize in supporting individuals who experience anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD.  I frequently work with individuals who are still experiencing the impact of childhood or adult trauma including physical, sexual, emotional/psychological, rape and neglect.

It is meaningful to me and I am very happy to be a part of helping people find more peace and happiness inside themselves and in their relationships. 

Call for more info: 510-459-3372

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