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When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. 

--- Audre Lorde

I offer Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy and EMDR Therapy. 

Individual Therapy:

People from all walks of life come to therapy.  Frequently individuals come to therapy because something doesn't feel good in their life and while they've tried on their own to resolve the issues, perhaps seeking help from family members, friends, or spiritual/religious helpers, something is still upsetting to them and they become aware that getting support from a therapist may be helpful to them.  In my work as a therapist I come from a place of kindness, compassion and non-judgment.  My work as a therapist is interactive.  I find out from you what is important, what is blocking you from living the life you want and we go from there.  Our work may be shorter in duration (4 - 12 therapy sessions) or more in depth depending on what it is you are looking for support with.  

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Couples Therapy:

In my couples counseling work I am interactive.  From a place of compassion, kindness and non-judgment I support you in working through blocks to intimacy, finding resolution to conflicts, increasing communication skills and being able to honestly speak from your truth.  I assist each of you in identifying what you value in relationship and creating a shared vision of what you would like your relationship to be like.  Perhaps you’ve been in relationship for years or maybe it’s early on and you’re starting to experience relationship problems for the first time.  For some individuals coming to couples therapy can feel scary and it takes courage to take the step to contact a therapist.  Other couples may feel relieved that they are going to get support for the struggles they are facing.  Frequently one partner feels one way and the other partner may feel another way about it.  Some couples may realize if they don’t do something about their current situation their relationship may end.  Couples therapy may be a way to get support when there is  concern about the potential impact of the couple's struggles on their children.  Couples therapy may provide a path to grow and deepen connection in relationship, get help for issues that appear over and over in your relationship, decide whether you want to stay together, and if you decide to separate to have support while in that potentially difficult process. 

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EMDR Therapy:

The EMDR method is a psychotherapeutic approach to trauma developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro in 1987.  There has been extensive research and many studies conducted which demonstrate the effectiveness of EMDR for the treatment of trauma. It is not understood exactly how EMDR Therapy works but in general it is believed that traumatic experiences (both large and small) get stored in our memory network and get stuck.  This leaves a pattern of automatic feelings and thoughts that get activated when we remember the traumatic experience or when we encounter a new experience that in some way reminds us of the original trauma (we are triggered).  We react as if the old experience is happening again.  It becomes the filter/lens we interpret our experiences through. 

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