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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling Berkeley, Oakland, Bay Area Therapy for straight, lesbian, gay, queer couples

Couples counseling Berkeley, Oakland, Bay Area Therapy for straight, lesbian, gay, queer couples

Couples counseling Berkeley, Oakland, Bay Area Therapy for straight, lesbian, gay, queer couples

In my work with couples I focus on creating a space so both persons can be seen and heard.  I work with you to help establish communication that serves you and your relationship.  Frequently this involves identifying what you are feeling, recognizing the needs related to your feelings and increasing your ability to express your needs in a way in which you have the most possibility to be heard by your partner.   Part of the work may be to explore what happens when your partner does not meet your needs.  We give attention to the practical aspects of what you are struggling with along with the emotional reactions that are part of your relationship dynamic (and where they come from).  I work with mindfulness, supporting each person in taking time to check in with what they are feeling/thinking, noticing if it's familiar and when helpful exploring where the root of the emotional reactions come from.  

Couples therapy can help with:

  • Communication Problems
  • Strugglesencountered by couples where one or both partners is an Abuse Survivor, or grew up in an Alcoholic/Dysfunctional family
  • Trust Issues
  • Conflict
  • Deepening Intimacy and Connecting


I believe compassion, empathy, clear open-hearted communication, recognizing when you are triggered and developing the ability to come back into connection after conflict, are essential qualities and skills in creating and maintaining a healthy relationship.  Many couples come to therapy because they have tried on their own to solve their issues and still feel stuck. Sometimes in our relationship it is difficult to know whether we are being triggered, just plain unhappy, or both. What you may know is that you need or want something to be different. I help you explore what is happening for you. 

I guide you in a process where you can increase your capacity to express your concerns, feelings, and needs to your partner, about what is disturbing you.  Sometimes as intimacy deepens in our relationships we get triggered into unresolved issues we bring with us from our past.  Developing and strengthening the skills to come back into connection after experiencing conflict or some other kind of disconnection with our partners is part of the repair process in relationships and can lead to deeper intimacy, more satisfaction and joy in relationship. 

Problems/conflict often occur in couples relationships it's how you're are able to work through what has happened and come to a place of mutual understanding, that is a factor in whether the quality of connection in your relationship is enhanced or contributes to further pain and disconnection.  Couples Therapy can help facilitate the process of repair and reconnection and teach skills needed to do this.  These skills include being able to take responsibility and see the impact our actions and reactions have in relationship (while being gentle with ourselves about it), making space for our partner's experiences and feelings (without negating our own), and revealing deeper layers of ourselves, of the wounding we carry with us, to our partners. When we risk showing ourselves this way we create the possibility for healing both with our partners and also for the deeper emotional wounding many of us carry.
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