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Therapy For Interns

Being an intern or student in the psychology field can be a rewarding and very challenging experience.   Whether you are experiencing academic pressures, being in a field placement for the first time, trying to balance home life, school life, work life, intern life or preparing to take your exams

... It May Help To Get Support

As a student or new intern in the psychology field it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.  As an experienced intern you may face overwhelm of a different kind.  You may be happy with the graduate program you are in or may be wondering why did I choose this school.  At home you may or may not have support. 

Beginning to work with clients can be an exciting, rewarding, confusing, sometimes scary and painful personal process for the therapist.  Whether you are starting to sit with clients for the first time or you have been sitting with clients for awhile, there are times when unresolved issues from your personal experiences get touched.  Anxiety, confusion, perfectionism, self-criticism can arise.  For some performance anxiety can be overwhelming, EMDR may be able help provide releif.  
You may have a supervisory relationship where you feel supported and comfortable with sharing your inner experience or you may not.  For some it is with the help of your supervisor that you recognize there may be places in your own life that are calling for attention/healing and getting your own therapy may help.  For others, you may have a difficult relationship with your supervisor and not feel supported.  Frequently there can be difficult and rewarding parts of working with a supervisor. Being an intern, gaining the hours of experience you need to sit for licensure is a long process.  For many interns it can be a time of struggling at home, in relationships, financially, and with questions about your future.  At this time being in your own therapy can enhance the personal growth you are experiencing and provide support for the struggles you may be facing as well as support your growth as a therapist.

Your intimate relationship may be impacted as you become more deeply involved in the field.  Sometimes this creates an experience of growth for both partners in the relationship and at other times it can bring up differences, more conflict, and issues that may have always been there but now are more difficult to ignore.  You may want to deal with these issues in a different way than your partner.  This may be adding to your overall stress level and getting support for yourself individually, for you and your partner (couples therapy), or both may be helpful.

If you are an intern getting ready to study for exams and find you are experiencing a high degree of anxiety you are not alone.  This is a common experience among interns at this stage.  Support from friends, family, other colleagues can be important at this time.   If you have had negative experiences taking exams in the past feelings and beliefs related to those experiences may re-surface.  Sometimes we need more support then our families, friends, colleagues can provide.   I work with interns using a variety of methods including EMDR to help with anxiety related to studying for your exams.
Therapy can provide support while you go through the exciting, growthful, complicated and sometimes confusing process of becoming a therapist.  I come from a place of sensitivity, compassion and non-judgment helping you develop tools to cope with current situations as well as bring healing to old painful experiences.  My approach is ecclectic and includes somatic, transpersonal, relational, humanistic, and feminist aspects.

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