EDNA HEALY · MFT              

Compassion  Kindness Clarity           

My Approach

I believe that compassion and non-judgment are essential to the healing process. I strive to bring those values into my work with you. Together we discuss what’s happening in your life that you want therapy at this time. The way I work is interactive.  I guide you in the process of exploring the issues that are important to you and work to support you in bringing healing to the parts of you that have been wounded and remembering the parts of you that are strong, compassionate, and wise.

What It Looks Like

I work to create an emotionally safe, supportive space for you to discuss, be with, what is upsetting you.  Our work may include problem-solving, support and/or in-depth exploration.  When helpful I assist you in identifying, expressing and being present with your feelings and support you in increasing your capacity to identify and express your emotions and needs.  Part of our work may include identifying and exploring the roots of negative thoughts or beliefs you hold, about yourself and the world, that block you from living the life you want.

In my work with individuals I draw on different methods that have been found effective for healing. We look at both internal and external factors that influence your experience in order to create the opportunity for new possibilities to emerge. We make space to explore what happens inside you: what your reactions are to events/people, how you feel, what your thoughts are, in order to bring awareness, movement and healing to those places you feel stuck.   In general, I have a process-oriented, somatic/transpersonal and relational approach to healing. For some individuals it may be helpful at times to use a more cognitive approach or EMDR (particularly useful for trauma, anxiety, panic attacks).

The methods I use are designed to help you bring compassion, awareness, kindness and understanding to yourself. From this place of self-caring I have found we frequently are empowered to make the changes that help us live life more fully - it is possible to open to the wisdom inside us and be quiet enough to hear it.

My approach is intended to help facilitate you in learning skills that you take with you that you can use in your day to day life to deal with grief/losses, frustrations, anxiety, busy-ness, stresses and general daily living in this world. This provides a foundation during times of stress where you can more quickly regain your center and respond to people and situations in your life in a way that feels good to you.

I have found Therapy to be a process that has the potential to help transform the impact of difficult painful experiences, increase hope, help you connect with your strengths and feel more joy and connection. It can impact how you see the world and your place in it.

Please call for Edna more info: 510-459-3372

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