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EMDR: Trauma and Triggering

When we are triggered we react.  We perceive our current experience through the lens of our original painful experience.  When triggered we may experience emotions with heightened intensity or feel numb or frozen, some people have panic attacks, flashbacks, or disturbing body sensations.  Usually we have negative beliefs about ourselves or our situation come into our awareness and we end up having  feelings (beliefs) such as: I'm not good enough, there's something wrong with me, I'm powerless, everything's hopeless.  Eventually we may come back to a centered place within ourselves and realize our current situation while perhaps difficult isn't exactly the same as the old situation and recognize our emotional reactions as not being proportionate to our current experience.  But sometimes it is difficult to separate out how much of our current emotional response is because of our current experience and how much is the result of unresolved issues from our past. 

I have found that mindfulness, somatic and EMDR approaches can help take the charge (heightened emotions and negative beliefs about ourselves/others associated with them) out of disturbing experiences.  This may not only provide relief, it may help us gain clarity and  transform how we live.  EMDR does not make our experiences/memories disappear: we still remember but they are less upsetting and the physiological effects can diminish.  By impacting the lens through which we experience ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us, we can change and improve the quality of our lives. 

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