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Therapy For Depression

Therapy for depression helps many people move past the painful, and sometimes numb or frozen place, they feel stuck in.  It can assist you in experiencing more connection to yourself and in more connection and satisfaction in your relationships and more hope in life. 

Depression impacts people in different ways.  This may be a new experience for you or you may have felt depressed for a very long time.   You may question whether you are depressed or just in a period of sadness and starting to be concerned that your mood is not shifting from the painful place you are in.  Or you may in a particularly painful episode of depression where it is difficult to get out of bed, go to work, connect with friends.

I help you develop skills to help you stop the spiraling of negative thoughts and improve your mood.  Frequently there is some experience from your past that contributes to how you are feeling today and I help you bring healing to that part of your experience.  My focus is both on tools to help you start to feel better right away as well as heal the roots causes of what you are experienceing.


How Does Depression Effect You?

Feeling depressed can impact your personal relationships, your work, and your experience of living in this world. Depression can range from mild to severe. Depression can cast a haze over hope.  Depression can result in remembering and focusing on many of the negative outcomes/experiences in your life and also the negative experiences you see in the world today and not notice what is positive and hopeful in life and your relationships.  You may be struggling with the experience of not feeling excitement and pleasure the way you used to when engaging in activities or with people you care about. You may have difficulty sleeping, or experienced a weight gain or loss.  For some people there is a deep profound sadness or a sluggishness that makes it difficult to do anything.  You may dip into feelings of guilt and low self-esteem. You may find participating in daily activities to be a challenge and social interactions may feel draining perhaps you have started to avoid contact with others. Some people may feel better when they are around others, they know it may help lift their mood but find it difficult to reach out and make contact and end up feeling isolated. When depression is severe you may end up thinking/believing that life may never be better.  Experiencing depression is painful and can be debilitating. In my work I have seen many people emerge from depression with a new engagement with life.

Can Therapy Help Individuals Struggling with Depression?

Individuals who experience depression can frequently benefit from psychotherapy. Research shows that therapy can help people who are depressed move out of depression and experience their lives more fully again. I use a combination of methods I have found to be effective in helping people who struggle with depression. I support you in learning how to gently interrupt the cycle of negative thoughts (about self, others, the world) that are frequently a part of depression and also assist you in bringing healing to painful past (and/or present) experiences which may be related to your experience of depression. Frequently the individuals I have worked with begin to experience more hope, joy and connection to themselves and being in the world - they become aware again of the options and choices available to them that had been clouded by the haze of depression they lived with.

Therapy and Medication Options - What Is Right For You?

Depending on your experience of depression we may discuss whether or not you want to consider medication. Some people are hesitant to take anti-depressants concerned about the side-effects and question whether it is necessary for them. Other people hope that taking anti-depressants will make their painful experiences go away and are disappointed when after taking medication that doesn’t happen.  For some people taking medication can be an effective adjunct to psychotherapy – helping them get to a level of functioning where they experience more energy, hope and interest.  From this place they may choose to take the next step of exploring and bringing healing to some of their painful experiences that may be contributing to their depression.

I work with you, helping you to sort through your options to see what’s right for you. If you decide you may want to try medication I will help you find referrals for a Psychiatrist or MD who can assess your needs.

Therapy for Depression and EMDR

Depending on your experience of depression we may discuss whether or not you want to consider using EMDR to help heal any potential underlying experiences that may be contributing to your experience of depression.


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